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Dynamic microphones are generally cheaper than condenser microphones. effects processor A unit whose purpose is to provide effects for audio signals. Some common effects include reverb, chorus, flange and delay. Effects processors come in many shapes and sizes, from small pedals up to rectangular rackmount units. EQ (equalizer) The part of your mixer (or other device) that manipulates an audio signal by lowering the level of some frequencies and increasing the levels of others. EQ is used to fine-tune a signal’s highs and lows.

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Pre-fader detent A point of resistance in the path that a mixer knob or fader travels. Detents are used to mark important settings. As you turn the knob or slide the fader, you’ll feel it “click” into the detent. Describes an aux send that sends a signal that has not passed through the channel fader. return A line input whose function is to carry back to the mixer an audio signal that has been sent from the mixer. Usually used in the application of effects. send A line output whose function is to send a signal from the mixer to an external device, usually an effects processor.

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