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The e-book of the recent "Pay and stipulations of Employment" (DES, 1987) makes it transparent that every one lecturers will be required to participate in a few kind of employees appraisal. all of the individuals to this ebook have sensible adventure of introducing employees appraisal into colleges or of teaching colleagues within the strategies of employees appraisal, and their event covers either fundamental and secondary schooling, huge and small faculties. they supply sensible suggestions at the creation of employees appraisal right into a variety of colleges, define a making plans method for the institution of employees appraisal, and support these concerned to organize for the method itself.

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In summary, there are four areas on which the appraiser should concentrate before the interview: 37 Kingsley Bungard • • • • Read carefully through the appraisee’s responses and decide the areas you agree with or where there are gaps. Concentrate on things that have gone well and improvement needs. Think of realistic improvement or development targets for next year. Think about ways in which you could help or support the member of staff to achieve their targets. Asking your member of staff to prepare is an important stage in appraisal.

Tell staff what aspects of their work need improving. Agree improvement aims for the coming years. Jointly decide actions needed to achieve improvement aims. 7 minutes 7 minutes 7 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 60 minutes Leave 5 minutes before seeing anyone else to ensure you have noted the agreements or actions. During the interview the appraiser’s interview skills are of paramount importance. The following are designed to be hints and tips to ensure the appraiser conducts a professional appraisal interview.

There does not seem to be a single best form. A variety of forms should be tried out, and it may always be desirable to permit some variations, even within one LEA; some suggestions are made in chapter three. Any written report should be seen by the appraised who should be able to add his or her own comment. It may be necessary for the management of the system that the written report, or more usually part of it, be sent elsewhere but this should not be an automatic part of the procedure. It should happen when the action called for by the appraisal is beyond the control of the appraiser and appraised, for example where one or preferably both parties take the view that attendance at a specific course, secondment or promotion is necessary, or possibly in the course of moderating the system.

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