By Dr. Jean-Marc Dewaele, Alex Housen, Prof. Wei Li

The 9 unique papers during this quantity were written through foreign specialists and care for person bilingualism, societal and academic phenomena, addressing matters akin to bilingual utilization, acquisition, educating, and language making plans and coverage. The volume’s significant asset lies in its variety of subject matters and within the variety of languages and realms lined. the viewpoint followed is multidisciplinary, together with linguistics, sociolinguistics, psychology, and utilized linguistics.

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I know a little of the Celtic . . with the Sclavonic [sic] . . of Russian . . of 36 Bilingualism: Beyond Basic Principles Hebrew and Syriac . . to a less degree I know Aramaic Arabic, Coptic and Phenician [sic]. (Murray, 1977: 70) Can anyone doubt that James Murray – who, after describing his linguistic abilities and interests in an unsuccessful letter of application for a job in the British Museum, went on to become the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary – through this remarkable broadening of his capabilities, must necessarily have achieved a heightened cultural awareness, an exploded sense of ‘groupness’?

Fullerton, R. (1916) The Prudence of St Patrick’s Irish Policy. Dublin: O’Brien & Ards. Goodenough, F. (1926) Racial differences in the intelligence of school children. Journal of Experimental Psychology 9, 388–97. Grosjean, F. (1982) Life With Two Languages. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Hamers, J. and Blanc, M. (2000) Bilinguality and Bilingualism (2nd edition). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Kellman, S. (2000) The Translingual Imagination. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

1993). (5) Corpus or status planning of language for ‘nationalist’ ends. Languages, like nations, are created. The creation or development of a corpus of the A Language-centred Approach to Plurilingualism 45 language to be declared the language may be the response to a need to claim nationhood. Sometimes the corpus of a language will be replanned as a result of substantial sociopolitical change as in former Soviet bloc nations or post-Apartheid South Africa. g. Clyne, 1997).

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