By John Mertic

Within the crowded box of shopper dating administration (CRM) structures, SugarCRM stands proud - not just for its modular layout, but additionally for the convenience with you could strengthen, customise, and expand your CRM functions. This concise booklet offers a radical evaluation of the advance instruments and APIs to be had in SugarCRM 6.2, exhibiting either builders and nondevelopers alike easy methods to use them to construct a pattern software step by step. you will bend and twist SugarCRM’s extensible MVC framework to create customized functions, together with suggestions for automating what you are promoting that transcend conventional CRMs.

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Plus, there also are a few accelerators. Like code templates. this permits you to outline snippets of well-known code. Then through a number of keys, a snippet could be inserted at a position contained in the major code. even though, come to think about it, you need to most likely minimise utilization of this option. simply because if overused it may possibly result in many code duplicates, which raises the scale of the final code, and makes upkeep tougher, if you want to make a similar swap to all circumstances of a given snippet.

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Bean->status && $bean->status == 'Declined'){ $this->sendEmail($bean, 'Your proposal has not been accepted', "We are sorry to inform you that your proposal entitled". info } } There are two hook functions for sending either the acceptance or rejection email based upon whether the status has changed to ‘Accepted’ or ‘Declined’. Both of these methods level an internal class method named ‘sendEmail()', which handles sending the actual email out to the speaker who sent in the session abstract. One thing we do in this process is create an archived email in the application underneath the speaker record.

First, you’ll need to indicate whether the workflow should be executed when a record is saved or at a specified time interval; the latter lending it to more time-sensitive data changes across all the records in the module and the former for more process-oriented data changes on the current record being saved. You then specify the module the workflow applies to, indicate whether to process alerts or actions first (we’ll look at what these are further along in this chapter), and then decide if we should run this workflow against new records, updated records, or both (this option only applies to workflows executed on the save of a record).

Bean->id . ':' . = $bean->status && $bean->status == 'Accepted'){ $text = 'Session [' . $bean->module_dir . ':' . $bean->id . ':' . $bean->name. = $bean->status && $bean->status == 'Declined'){ $text = 'Session [' . $bean->module_dir . ':' . $bean->id . ':' . $bean->name. empty($text)){ SugarFeed::pushFeed2($text, $bean); } So this logic hook has two parts to it. The first check is the same sort of thing done above with the Attendees Activity Stream hook, checking to see if this is a newly added record to the Sessions module and if so then write out to the Activity Stream about the newly created record.

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