By D. F. Jones

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Fisher nodded without turning his head. ” He got up and took the paper to Forbin. “It's fantastic! A new statement on gravity and confirmation on the Eddington theory all in a day and a night. ” His voice trailed off into silence as he slumped back in his chair, deep in contemplation of the brain at the other end of the teletype. Forbin did not speak. As a mathematician, he knew Fisher was his superior, but then Fisher was certainly the best in the USNA, and probably in the top four in the world.

Fisher stood uncertainly in the doorway. “Don't stand there! Come in and sit down. Angela! ” Angela did not answer. She came in, pushed the Director gently aside, and quickly lit the lamps— without a taper. Still silent, she marched out, shutting the door only fractionally louder than usual. The soft light illuminated only Forbin's desk and the immediate surroundings, leaving the rest of the room shadowy and insubstantial; there was a faint and not unpleasing smell of lamp- oil. To Fisher and Cleo, more accustomed to the luminescent ceilings, there was a warmth and intimacy quite unique in the Zone—and in most places outside as well.

Talks English and with exactly the same timing as Colossus, five seconds pause between calls—and the key—action is in step. ” After five minutes the call sign stopped. Fisher, who had been staring sightlessly at his roll of paper, stirred. ” “Sure, Doctor, but so much is being churned out it's a tough proposition even roughly watching the stuff. Just now I don't know what the hell is coming out. It may be astrophysics, but—aw, hell”—he threw up his hands in despair—“It's like a five-year university course condensed into half an hour.

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