By Samuel Butler

Samuel Butler used to be an iconoclastic writer, whose Utopian novel ‘Erewhon’ satirised a variety of features of Victorian society, influencing science-fiction and sleek masterpieces. This entire book provides Butler’s entire works, with a number of illustrations, infrequent texts showing in electronic print for the 1st time, informative introductions and the standard Delphi bonus fabric. (Version 1)
* fantastically illustrated with photographs on the subject of Butler’s existence and works
* Concise introductions to the novels and different texts
* the entire novels, with person contents tables
* pictures of the way the books have been first released, giving your eReader a flavor of the unique texts
* very good formatting of the texts
* infrequent non-fiction works showing in electronic print for the 1st time
* contains Butler’s note-books - spend hours exploring the author’s many works
* The Homeric translations
* contains a bonus biography - detect Butler’s literary life
* Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres

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And black suited him. His own insensibility an­ noyed him, as if he were already tired of mourning her. And he might be the one who died. He would die o f typhoid fever during a trip to Algeria or Spain, and she would have nursed him with the kind of tireless The First Evening devotion that later makes a good impression on men who might consider marrying a widow. But she would not remarry. She loved him. Rather, not hav­ ing loved anyone before, she imagined she loved him. For her, loving him was almost a necessity, since she had married him.

He re­ proached himself for leaving her on her own, as if he were certain that all this would happen, and as if he were truly responsible. Was it not enough for him to look after himself, without taking on this unknown girl as well? It would have been better for her to marry someone else. He should have made it clear to her. He felt a growing tenderness. He came to his senses. He watched her with gentle emotion, and a great despondency overcame him. II They were pulling into Chambery. Having nothing to say, she hunted for something to ask, like an object that isn’t important in itself but becomes im- The First Evening portant through our obstinate pursuit of it.

Now he re­ called, with a certain tenderness, the experienced body of a mature woman and the calm eyes no longer star­ tled by anything. He forgot the irritation he had felt at her faulty locutions, which pride prevented her from correcting so that they would not be thought involun­ tary, and which she had picked up in the days when she was the favorite of the district police. And how he had loathed her habit of humming popular songs when they were at the table! They had lived together for several years: he looked back at the time of their love with an indulgence born of incomplete memory, The First Evening and the certainty that those days would never return made him less critical of the quality of happiness they had given him.

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