By Eric Filiol

This ebook bargains with laptop viruses envisaged from 3 various issues of view, specifically the theoretical basics of desktop virology, algorithmic and useful points of viruses and their capability functions to numerous parts. The theoretical formalization through Turing machines, self-reproducing automata and recursive capabilities allow an exact and exhaustive description of the differing kinds of malware. It follows that the most stakes of machine security and antiviral struggling with are simply highlighted. specific research of the resource code for consultant participants of every virus/worm kin permits the reader to know the fundamental algorithmic facets enthusiastic about self-reproducing codes. The c program languageperiod has been systematically used for a greater figuring out of the thought of codes.

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Before any symbol is writtent in a cell, the symbol present in the latter is first erased. The current cell is the cell in front of which the head is pointing. • a control function F which drives the read/write head. A memory area which contains the complete state of the machine M and all instructions specific to problems currently processed constitutes the control function. Any move/action of the read/write head is directly determined by both the contents of the memory area and of the current cell.

3 In fact, the control function is a cellular automaton but this concept will be introduced and defined only in 1954 and thoroughly formalized in 1955 and 1956. 9 10 The Formalization Foundations Tape Fonction F Fig. 1. Sketch of a Turing Machine 2. - The internal state of the F function is updated as a function of both its current state and the input value x. 3. - An operation is performed depending on both the internal state and the input value x. Despite its apparently primitive aspect, with this very simple model we can express any algorithm and simulate any programming language.

Xk >, y) is true. Then we can consider the following fundamental theorem from Kleene [95]. Theorem 3 1. The (k + 1)-place partial function whose value at (e, x 0 , x1 , . . , xk ) is ϕe (x0 , x1 , . . , xk ) is recursive. 2. For each e, the k-place partial function ϕ e is recursive. 3. Every k-place recursive partial function equals ϕ e for some e. The number e is called the index of the the function ϕ e . Equivalently, a k-place partial function is recursive – in other words is effectively computable – if and only if it has an index.

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