By Sela G. Thomason

This ebook offers the nuts and bolts strategies and principles which make the U.S. Congress tick.

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5 This report was written by Paul S. Rundquist, formerly a Specialist in American National Government at CRS. Dr. Rundquist has retired, but the listed author updated the report. xxxii Preface activity reports; calendars; and committee prints. These publications are usually available from the issuing committee, the House or Senate document rooms, and increasingly, from committee websites as well. gov/products/guides/guidehome. shtml]. Chapter 71 - Amendments are usually considered not in the House, but in the Committee of the Whole, a parliamentary device designed to expedite the amendment process.

Chapter 58 - The House gives initial floor consideration to most major legislation in Committee of the Whole, a parliamentary device that is technically a committee of the House to which all Members belong. This fact sheet describes seven chief stages that occur in considering a measure under this procedure: resolving into committee, general debate, amendment under the five-minute rule, reporting to the House, House vote on amendments, motion to recommit, and final passage. shtml]. House Rule XVIII prescribes procedures in Committee of the Whole, but these may be modified by a rule for considering a specific measure, reported by the Committee on Rules.

Chapter 62 - Engrossment, enrollment, and presentation of legislation are components of the legislative process that attest to the accuracy of bill texts, confirm House and Senate action, and confirm delivery of the bills to the President for review. 2 Chapter 63 - The Congressional Record is the most widely recognized published account of the debates and activities in Congress. The Record often reflects the intent of Congress in enacting legislation. This fact sheet is one of a series on the legislative process.

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