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Rails is likely one of the so much extensible frameworks available in the market. This pioneering publication deep-dives into the Rails plugin APIs and indicates you, the intermediate Rails developer, the best way to use them to put in writing larger internet purposes and make your daily paintings with Rails extra efficient.

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The RadRails IDE looks good fleshed out. It presents many beneficial aids to the Ruby on Rails programmer. The booklet indicates quite a few examples and reveal captures.

Plus, there also are a few accelerators. Like code templates. this allows you to outline snippets of widespread code. Then through a couple of keys, a snippet could be inserted at a place contained in the major code. although, come to consider it, you might want to most likely minimise utilization of this option. simply because if overused it may bring about many code duplicates, which raises the dimensions of the general code, and makes upkeep tougher, if you would like to make an analogous swap to all situations of a given snippet.

RadRails additionally presents help for a debugger. Making it effortless to invoke. this selection is definitely worthy cautious studying.

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And that’s all—tests are all green again. 3 Configuring Our Resolver for Production To ensure the template lookup is fast in production, Rails provides some caching conveniences. Let’s explore those conveniences so we understand how to enable caching for our templates and the strategies available to us to expire this cache whenever a template is saved to the database. Prepared exclusively for Matt report erratum • discuss Configuring Our Resolver for Production • 49 As mentioned earlier, Rails gives our resolver a cache_key through the find_all() method.

On submitting the form, the server delivers an email to the configured recipient with the given message and shows a success message to the user. any? erb

<%= notice %>

With everything in place, let’s run the test suite and... rb:7:in `initialize' Prepared exclusively for Matt report erratum • discuss Chapter 2. Building Models with Active Model • 32 The failure occurs because the initialize() method in MailForm::Base, unlike Active Record, does not expect a hash as argument.

With autoload() in place, our first test passes. We have a simple model with attributes, but so far, we haven’t used any of Active Model’s goodness. Let’s do that now. org> ActiveModel::AttributeMethods is a module that tracks all defined attributes, allowing us to add a common behavior to all of them dynamically. To show how it works, let’s define two convenience methods called clear_name() and clear_email() which will clear out the value of the associated attribute when invoked. email end Invoking clear_name() and clear_email() set their respective attribute value back to nil.

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