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Rather, the organizer tries to create personal bonds among equals as human beings, as comrades-at-arms. In addition to having the capacity to lead, there is meaning in how an organizer greets someone. She or he needs to know people well enough to ask about their kids or their dog. At the same time, the informal social relationships that organizers have with members must not become an obstacle to accomplishing goals. Organizers also have to promote shared expectations about roles, both their own and those they hold for members.

Lacking that oppor­ tunity, they find employment in an organization where the day-to-day tasks are highly compatible with what they perceive they ought to do to create change. There can be no question that the organizer is a central and power­ ful force in a social action organization. Both members and organizers understand and accept the organizer's influence and ascribe much of the organization's success to the organizer's work. ,[o­ foundly influence how the organizing and the organization will proceed.

We will argue that it is the organizer who brings these differences. It is the organizer who shapes and molds the organizing process, if not the organization. Contrary to other helping roles where workers are informed and shaped by organizational context, organizers often cre­ ate the organizational context and its work. It is she or he who pro­ vides direction, ideas, guidelines, and expertise to the organizing. Or­ ganizers bring the vision of what the organization is to become. This vision is generated by the organizer's change orientation and practice method.

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