By Kyle Loudon

How do you create a mission-critical web site that gives extraordinary functionality whereas final versatile, adaptable, and trustworthy 24/7? Written through the executive of a UI staff at Yahoo!, Developing huge internet Applications bargains sensible steps for construction rock-solid functions that stay powerful at the same time you upload beneficial properties, capabilities, and clients. you are going to improve huge internet functions with the intense precision required for different different types of software.

  • Avoid universal coding and upkeep complications as small web pages upload extra pages, extra code, and extra programmers
  • Get finished recommendations for refining HTML, CSS, JavaScript, personal home page, and Ajax for large-scale net purposes
  • Make adjustments in a single position that ripple via all affected web page parts
  • Embrace the virtues of modularity, encapsulation, abstraction, and loosely coupled elements
  • Use tried-and-true innovations for handling info alternate, together with operating with varieties and cookies
  • Learn often-overlooked most sensible practices in code administration and software program engineering
  • Prepare your code to make functionality improvements and checking out easier

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Hr Presentational. Use CSS instead. i Presentational. Use em instead. isindex Deprecated. menu Deprecated. s Deprecated. small Presentational. Use CSS instead. strike Deprecated. Use del instead. tt Presentational. Use CSS instead. u Deprecated. Good HTML Tags Table 3-2 presents a list of HTML tags that offer sound, semantic descriptions about what they enclose along with brief explanations of where to apply them. Examples of useful tags that tend to be forgotten include label, cite, dl, dt, and dd.

Example 2-4. Declaring a class in PHP class Account { protected $balance; protected $minimum; public function __construct($amount, $lowest) { ... } public function deposit($amount) { ... } } public function withdraw($amount) { ... } Using objects To use a class, create an instance of it using new. If the constructor for the class accepts any parameters, pass those to the constructor as with any other method you implement: $account = new Account(500, 200); Object-Oriented PHP | 15 Within a method of the class, to access data members or other methods, use $this, which refers to the invoking object itself: public function withdraw($amount) { $this->balance -= $amount; } To call a method (or access a data member) from outside the object, use an instance of the class to invoke the method: $account = new Account(500, 200); $account->withdraw(100); Constructors You can define your own constructor for a class.

In fact, the developer has gone to a lot of trouble to create a two-column table simply to leftjustify “New Car Reviews” while right-justifying “The Car Connection” on the top line; all the other tr and td elements are redundant. Naturally, the columns in the th header have nothing to do with the “rows” underneath it; the table is being used simply for visual effect. From a standpoint of information architecture, tables are for tabular data; we’ll look at better ways to achieve a side-by-side presentation in Chapter 4.

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