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Airplane Dynamics, Antenna, facts move Busses, Electro-Optics and Infrared, Ethernet, web Protocol, Maneuverability, Microwave parts, Polarization, Radar Equations, Radiation styles, Receiver features, Receiver Sensitivity, Receiver checks, Radio Frequency parts, RS-232 Interface, RS-422 Balanced Voltage Interface, RS-485 Interface, Transmission keep watch over Protocol

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40 dB = 10,000 : 1 (for power) DB RULES OF THUMB Minus dB moves the decimal point that many places to the left of 1. 0001 : 1 (for power) For voltage or current ratios, if the multiple of 10 is even, then divide the multiple by 2, and apply the above rules. 0001 You can see that the list has a repeating pattern, so by remembering just three basic values such as one, three, and 10 dB, the others can easily be obtained without a calculator by addition and subtraction of dB values and multiplication of corresponding ratios.

Pulses at a fixed interval of time arrive at a rate or frequency referred to as the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) of so many pulse per second. Pulse repetition interval (PRI) and PRF are reciprocals of each other. PRF = 1/T = 1/PRI [1] Power measurements are classified as either peak pulse power, Pp, or average power, Pave. The actual power in pulsed RF occurs during the pulses, but most power measurement methods measure the heating effects of the RF energy to obtain an average value of the power.

AIM-7M) Suffixes (M in this case) indicate a modification. S. military electronic equipment is assigned an identifying alphanumeric designation that is used to uniquely identify it. This system is commonly called the “AN” designation system, although its formal name is the Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS). The letters AN preceding the equipment indicators formerly meant “Army/Navy,” but now are a letter set that can only be used to indicate formally designated DOD equipment. The first three letters following the “AN/” indicate Platform Installation, Equipment Type, and Equipment Function, respectively.

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