By Tariq Ahmed, Dan Orlando, John C. Bland II, Joel Hooks

Flex has grown from only a strategy to construct Flash apps right into a wealthy surroundings, and Flex four introduces new UI elements, greater functionality tracking, and velocity improvements to the compiler. Flex four in motion is a complete educational that introduces Flex to net designers and builders. It begins with the basics-forms and information - and strikes via middle strategies like navigation, drag-and-drop, and occasions. whether you are new to Flex, this ebook is all you will have to make your apps pop utilizing the hot Spark parts, information providers, charting, lighting tricks, and extra.

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Custom components are your primary vehicle to break your application into small, manageable, reusable pieces. Chapter 18 wraps up application structure with an overview of Flex’s reusability features such as sharing custom components across multiple projects and compiling shared libraries of functionality. Chapter 19 takes application structure further by introducing formal architectural considerations, designing a Flex application, and utilizing the RobotLegs MVC framework as a means to accomplish a well architected application.

Try transferring 5,000 records using XMLHTTPRequest and then parsing them in JavaScript. org/wordpress/2007/ 04/30/ajax-and-flex-data-loading-benchmarks/). 7, you can see how Flex—using its binary format, AMF3, versus XML or SOAP in AJAX—is up to 10 times faster. There are two reasons for this. First, as just mentioned, XML is verbose, which results in quite a bit of overhead in the message payload. Second, JavaScript is an interpreted language, whereas Flex is compiled to platform-neutral byte code.

6 What’s new in Flex 4 Since its inception, Flex technology has been evolving at an incredibly rapid pace. The product started as a pure server-side technology, modeling the conventions of most server-based web application technologies. Flex 2 was a major overhaul of the language. Adobe split it into two portions: The client portion consists of the application framework and tools to compile a Flex application; the server portion is the data bridge. This has evolved into LCDS/BlazeDS. The Flex 2 overhaul also involved a technology rewrite—a one-time hit to provide an industrial-strength platform that could grow well into the future.

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