By Paul A. Grimaldi, Danielle Gaillard, Hidekuni Inadera, Lydia Teboul, Gérard. Ailhaud (auth.), Jack Y. Vanderhoek (eds.)

Fatty Acids and Esters. Molecular Mechanisms occupied with the Adipogenic motion of Fatty Acids; P.A. Grimaldi, et al. Acyl Coenzyme A Synthetase and the shipping of Long-Chain Fatty Acids; P.N. Black.Lipid Binding Proteins. Structural and practical reviews at the center Fatty Acid-Binding Protein; J.H. Veerkamp, C.F.M. Prinsen. The function of Intracellular Fatty Acid-Binding Proteins in mobile shipping of Fatty Acids; J. Storch, et al.Eicosanoid Biosynthetic Enzymes. Compartmentation of Prostaglandin Biosynthetic Enzymes; W.L. Smith, etal. Differential keep an eye on of Cyclooxygenase Catalysis in PGH Synthase Isoforms: function of Hydroperoxide Initiator; R.J. Kulmacz, et al.Eicosanoids and Receptors. Aspirin Switches Biosynthetic Circuits Triggering Novel Eicosanoids in the course of Cell-Cell Interactions which are effective Inhibitors of Neutrophil Migration and Tumor cellphone Proliferation; C.N. Serham, J. Claria.Sphingolipids. The position of Ceramide within the mobile pressure reaction; G.S. Dbaibo, et al.Phospholipids. Lysophosphatidic Acid-Induced indications in Astrocytes; J.N. Keller, et al.Phospholipases/Kinases. Discrimination among numerous Phospholipase D actions within the Human Neutrophil and Their Relative Involvement in Oxidative Burst; V. Planat, et al. 28 extra Articles. Index.

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5 en%), a result confirmed long ago (Mohrhauer and Holman, 1963a; Mohrhauer and Holman, 1963b; Cuthbertson, 1976). Unfortunately, those results have not been effectively emphasized in recent decades (reviewed in Lands, 1991a and 1991b). 5 en% 18:2n-6 seems biologically adequate for rats or humans and that the value is similar for both 18:311-3 and 18:2n-6 in rats (and probably other mammals) is clear evidence of a diverse supply of essential fatty acids. An unfortunate indifference to this diverse supply causes many nutritionists, clinicians and food marketers to miss the opportunity to distribute nutritional advice that probably could help diminish a wide variety of serious chronic eicosanoid-mediated disorders (reviewed in Lands, 1986).

42. , Vandervoorde, D. and De Kegel, D. (1976) Septation deficiency and phospholipid perturbation in Escherichia coli genetically constitutive for the beta-oxidation pathway. fournalofBacteriology 127: 1389-1399. 43. J. (1969) Control of fatty acid metabolism 1. Induction of enzymes of fatty acid oxidation in Escherichia coli. Journal of Bacteriology 97: 827-836. 44. , Cosloy, S. and Schulz, H. (1989) Evidence for Function of 2,4-dienoylcoenzyme A reductase in the B-oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in vivo.

J 244: 87 (1987). 33. G. P. Effects of CoA and acyl-CoAs on GTP-dependent Ca2+ release and vesicle fusion in rat liver microsomal vesicles, Biochem. J 289: 561 (\ 993). 34. K. L. Modification ofGTP-activated calcium translocation by fatty acyl-CoA esters, J BioI. Chern. 269: 3 1607 (\ 994). 35. ,ed. Academic Press,New York. 3: 38 (1982). 36. A. and Watras, J. Mechanisms of fatty acid effects on sarcoplasmic reticulum II. Structural changes induced by oleic and palmitic acid, J Bioi. Chern. 259: 1325 (1984).

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