By Leslie White Hopkinson; William Scott Ferguson

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And_ was sons. by mutual consent, Pericles, according to ap- proved Athenian "custom, providing another husband for his divorced wife. Shortly after, he established as mistress of his^ house a brilliant and accomplished woman whom, a few years before, he might have married legally. But Aspasia was from Miletus, and the unwise law of 451 made it impossible to give her more than the standing of what in European courts to-day is known as a "morganatic" wife. No union that we know of in Greek history, however, comes so near our modern ideal of domestic happiness as that of Pericles and Aspasia.

So complete was the victory that the conservatives gave up the fight. Moreover, Sparta had so estranged them by her insult that they were willing to policy of alliance with Argos with Lacedsemon. fall in with the Periclean and Thessaly and open enmity All they asked as the price of their full support was that the war with Persia should also be kept up and Cyprus freed. To this the democrats made no objection, — the extension of naval power and of the trade that "fol- — lowed the flag" was always welcome to the city laborers, and so was launched the policy of radical imperialism, the effort of the Athenian people to win the leadership of continental Greece while fulfilling its task of clearing all Hel- and coasts of the barbarians.

Seeing his old friend Aristides before him, to the active his country. A far different fate Themistocles fretting bitterly in undeserved banishment, he conceived the idea of gaining the assistance of the shrewdThere is no evidence, there is no prob- est brain in Greece. ability, that Themistocles took any part in this wretched plot against Hellas, but his persistent policy of opposition may have involved him in the scheme to undermine her government. The undisputed fact that he had to Sparta been in correspondence with the traitor gave Sparta the long-desired chance to get even with the man who had blocked her ambition; she denounced him to Athens, his enemies there took up the cry, and the Assembly voted his arrest and summons before a general Council of the Greeks.

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