By H. G. Harris

Good written assessment of clock and watch fix. effortless to learn with great transparent causes followed by means of both transparent b/w illustrations. I see this as an creation to clock and wrist watch fix in that it paints the large photograph and offers you an creation to activities and components. I dont imagine i may stick with the written directions for maintenance even though with no lot extra illustrations or photographs for every step, notwithstanding there are lots of worthy counsel for the amateur. I see this in general as an advent instead of a operating consultant.

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This compensation was accomplished by the introduction of the fusee. A cone-shaped pulley was positioned next to the barrel. T h e pulley h a d a spiral groove machined in its face in which a chain was placed. One end of the chain was h o o k e d to the base of the c o n e a n d the other e n d of the chain was h o o k e d to the outer face of the barrel side. G e a r teeth were c u t on the b o t t o m edge of the cone a n d formed the main wheel. W h e n the mainspring was w o u n d , the chain was THE MOVEMENT 33 pulling on the smallest diameter of the cone with m i n i m u m leverage.

In mechanically powered timepieces the reverse is the case. Motive power. Power is provided by a mainspring coiled in a barrel. The inner end of the spring has a rectangular hole known as the eye. This is h o o k e d to an a r b o r in the centre of the barrel. T h e outer e n d of the spring is h o o k e d to the inner face of the barrel side. The mainspring occupies a b o u t one-third of the space inside the barrel. The action of winding a watch spring causes the a r b o r to rotate a n d the inner e n d of the mainspring to wind itself r o u n d the arbor.

If the dial is enamel a n d has smeary m a r k s on its face it may be wiped with a soft cloth moistened with the cleaning fluid a n d then lightly polished with a dry piece of the same cloth. N o t h i n g 50 WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRS c a n be d o n e with a crack b u t if dirt h a s found its way into a crack showing it up as a thin black line the dirt c a n be removed by brushing along the crack u n d e r r u n n i n g water. A n y a t t e m p t to clean a silver or gilt dial almost always results in the dial looking worse.

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