By Ofer Kaplan, Peter C. M. van Cohen, Jack S. Cohen (auth.), M. Rudin (eds.)

Remoted Cells and Perfused Organs 1. O. Kaplan, P.C.M. van Zijl, J.S. Cohen, Washington, DC/USA NMR reports of Metabolism of Cells and Perfused Organs person Nuclei 2. S.R. Williams, London, united kingdom In Vivo Proton Spectroscopy: Experimental Asoects and power three. N. Beckmann, Basel, Switzerland In Vivo 13C Spectroscopy in people four. M.J.W. previous, R.J. Maxwell, J.R. Griffiths, London, united kingdom Fluorine - 19F NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging In Vivo five. J.S. Ingwall, Boston, MA/USA Measuring Cation hobbies around the mobilephone Wall utilizing NMR Spectroscopy: Sodium pursuits in Striated Muscle 6. M. Rudin, A. Sauter, Basel, Switzerland In Vivo Phosphorus-31 NMR: capability and barriers

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Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories: Volume 2

The current quantity includes the texts of the invited talks brought on the 6th foreign convention on contemporary development in Many-Body Theories held in Arad, Israel in the course of the interval November 5-10 1989. The host institute was once the Physics division on the Ben Gurion college of the Negev. Beside the invited talks there were additionally poster periods.

Reaction Centers of Photosynthetic Bacteria: Feldafing-II-Meeting

Response facilities of Photosynthetic micro organism is an up-to-date list at the latest perception into the struc- ture/function dating of response facilities from photosynthetic micro organism. It addresses particularly, interactions and dynamics which verify the ultra-high quantum yield of photoinduced cost separation in those energy-transforming molecular machines.

Global to Local: Ecological Land Classification: Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada, August 14–17, 1994

Ecological Land class (ELC) refers back to the description of land assets at various spatial resolutions (i. e. worldwide to neighborhood) and for quite a number reasons or values. The rising technology of ELC is actually a really conscientiously built-in mix of crops and earth sciences, climatology, cartography and ecology with quite a number new applied sciences and methodologies together with computer-based geographic info platforms, distant sensing and simulation modelling.

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The field gradients induced by oxyhaemoglobin in red cells ha vt'. a similar effect [190]. An elegant method to distinguish between intra- and extra-cellular sodium ions using relaxation-allowed multiple quantum spectroscopy has been proposed by Pekar et al. [185]. Most of the above mentioned techniques have been reviewed [38, 39, 44, 121, 191] and applications determining intra- and extracellular volumes, concentrations, pH, and lifetimes have been described. However, except for the latter two instances [185, 190], the medium has to be altered by addition of sometimes highly concentrated compounds, and the physiological equilibrium may be impaired.

Monitoring the ATP signal furnished information on cell function, and its decrease when the spheroids enlarged (to 350lLm), was used to evaluate cell necrosis. The rates oflactate production were measured by 13C_NMR when the cells were perfused with [1-13C]-glucose, and the rates decrease as the spheroids became "older" and larger [169]. The problem of spheroid clumping was addressed differently by Halliday et al. [170] by adding a stirrer to a 20-mm NMR tube. These authors studied citrate metabolism in rat prostatic tumor cells, and also used [1_13C]_ glucose.

Lavanchy N, Martin J, Rossi A (1984) Cardiovasc Res 18: 573 215. Kopp SJ, Krieglstein J, Freidank A, Rachman A, Seibert A, Cohen MM (1984) J Neurochem 43: 1716 216. Renlund DG, Gerstenblith G, Lakatta EG, Jacobus WE, Kallman CH, Weisfeldt ML (1984) J Mol Cell Cardiol 16: 795 217. Albert K, Kruppa G, Zeller KP, Bayer E, Hartmann F (1984) Z Naturforsch 39: 859 218. Lavanchy N, Martin J, Rossi A (1984) FEBS Lett 178: 34 219. Murakami M, Seo Y, Nakahari T, Mori H, Imai y, Watari H (1984) Jpn J Physiol 34: 587 220.

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