By Gunnar Lang

This quantity addresses the popularity of economic facilities with a main specialise in the mutual fund undefined. It makes use of diversified empirical research methods in an try and disentangle the explanations for place recognition and so one can determine its impression on fund pricing. The provided study tackles a subject matter that's basic to the knowledge of organizational habit in finance – the reason within the decision-making means of industry contributors and its results for an economy.

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The Economist, 2011a). The close link between trade and the financial industry has a particularly long tradition in Great Britain, as financial innovations were developed in London, the most important British trading post, early on. Its stable and liberal political environment had a further positive effect on this development, unlike the political environment in Prussia or France. It has been demonstrated that London maintained a unique relationship between financial institutions and the government.

2 Spatial Agglomeration in the Financial Sector 39 Zurich’s rise to the European premier league only began after 1945. Reasons for its growing importance as a financial center included its abstention from the two world wars and its neutrality during the Cold War, its tighter banking secrecy introduced in 193513, and the Swiss authorities’ reluctance to render international legal assistance in cases of tax evasion. Furthermore, Switzerland not only had very close economic ties to other countries, but also, due to its central location14, multilingualism, and tourism, cultural ties.

18 2 Theoretical Background begins with QWERTY. The original reason for this configuration lies in the construction of old typewriters, yet it has remained in place until today. However, it has been shown that a change in the alignment of letters would lead to a higher typing speed. This is a technology-based example; Vergne and Durand (2011) cite studies with focal points on resource accumulation (Karim and Mitchell, 2000), innovativeness (Danneels, 2002), dynamic capabilities (Zott, 2003), cognitive processes (Lamberg and Tikkanen, 2006), institutional trajectories (Djelic and Quack, 2007), and strategic paths (Koch, 2008).

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