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Consultant to the most recent model of visible C++. functional, hands-on educational at the basics: together with writing controlled code, and working and debugging .NET-based purposes and XML internet companies. spouse CD-ROM comprises pattern code, perform routines, and publication. Softcover. DLC: C++ (Computer software language).

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Java & XML: Solutions to Real-World Problems

With the XML ''buzz'' nonetheless dominating speak between net builders, there is a genuine have to the right way to lower throughout the hype and positioned XML to paintings. Java & XML indicates easy methods to use the APIs, instruments, and tips of XML to construct real-world functions. the result's code and knowledge which are transportable. This moment variation provides chapters on complex SAX and complex DOM, new chapters on cleaning soap and knowledge binding, and new examples all through.

Data Structures for Computational Statistics

Because the starting of the seventies laptop is offered to take advantage of programmable pcs for varied initiatives. through the nineties the has built from the large major frames to non-public workstations. these days it isn't in basic terms the that's even more robust, yet workstations can do even more paintings than a primary body, in comparison to the seventies.

Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation: An Integrated Approach

The second one version of this textbook contains revisions in response to the suggestions at the first version. In a brand new bankruptcy the authors offer a concise creation to the rest of UML diagrams, adopting a similar holistic method because the first version. utilizing a case-study-based strategy for offering a entire advent to the foundations of object-oriented layout, it includes:A sound footing on object-oriented suggestions similar to sessions, items, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, dynamic linking, and so forth.

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In this example, the DisplayWelcome function displays a simple welcome message on the screen. In the next two sections you’ll see more complex functions that perform console input and mathematical calculations. The return keyword at the end of the function causes flow of control to return to the calling function. In this example, the return keyword is superfluous because the closing brace of the function acts as an implicit return. However, you can use return in other locations in a function, such as within an if statement, to return prematurely from a function.

The bitwise OR operator is often used to turn bits, flags, or options on. The exclusive OR operator sets the result bit to 1 only if one of the operands has the corresponding bit set to 1. If the corresponding bit of both operands is 1 or 0, the bit is set to 0. The complement operator reverses the bit setting of the operand. If the bit is 1, it is set to 0; if the bit is 0, it is set to 1. The left shift operator moves the bit pattern of its left operand to the left by the number of bits specified by its right operand.

For example, you can call the DisplayWelcome function as follows: DisplayWelcome(); This is a simple example because the function doesn’t take any parameters or return a value. Chapter 4: Using Functions 43 44 Chapter 4: Using Functions If you want to call a function that returns a value, you can assign the return value to a variable. The following example calls the GetInvestmentAmount function and assigns the return value (a double) to a local variable named sum: double sum = GetInvestmentAmount(); Note You can ignore the return value from a function if you want.

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