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Scenes can be white-balanced at lower light levels, however, and it’s often easier to dim the lights than to scrim each instrument in a scene. 9 This green-bed system grid is part of a film studio. The catwalk surrounds the sets. Another walk is above the center of the studio. Usually directors and producers don’t get involved with the ceiling or roof of the facility. Still, roofs can be significant. A tin roof on a rainy day, for example, may create audio problems. Also, some ceilings seem to retain more heat than others, which will affect both the hardware and the disposition of the crew and talent.

Since RF mics don’t have cords, they permit great freedom of movement. Singers often like to work with this kind of microphone. They may be subject to interference, however, and their battery sources can run out of power at inopportune times if they are not carefully maintained. The Facility ● 27 ear and an audio director interrupt in the other) 5. The video operator 6. The camera operators 7. The stage manager For news programs there might be a special intercom between the talent and the producer called an IFB which stands for Interruptible Feed Back.

Most of the time the director and producer don’t get involved in how that happens. It’s the province of the engineering staff. If feeds are needed, then arrangements need to be made in a timely fashion.

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