By Stu Rene'; Lucas, Chris Wolfer

Our house shuttles mostly blast off to orbit the Earth. there's not a unmarried doubt that guy is in house, yet there's a lot doubt if any guy has ever long past past the radiation safeguard supplied by way of the Van Allen belts. This publication explores those doubts.

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SPACE MISSIONS PERFORMED BY ORIGINAL SEVEN Name A. Shepard Mission Mercury 3 Date 05/05/61 Mission Date V. Grissom J. Glenn S. Carpenter W. Schirra G. Cooper Mercury 4 Mercury 6 Mercury 7 Mercury 8 Mercury 9 07/21/61 02/20/62 05/24/62 10/03/62 05/15/63 Gemini 3 03/23/65 Gemini 6A Gemini 5 12/15/65 08/21/65 Mission Apollo 14 Date 01/31/71 Apollo 7 10/11/68 The Preliminaries The first American in space was Alan Shepard, followed by Grissom and then Glenn. I'm convinced that every Mercury flight was real and that the phony missions only started after Grissom's Gemini 3.

11. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. 28 3, JOURNEY TO TRANQUILITY, "Young, Silcock & Dunn", 1969, Doubledav 4, Ibid. 4, Ibid. 41, Ibid. 41, ANGLE OF ATTACK, "Gray", 1992, Norton 65, JOURNEY TO TRANQUILITY, "Young, Silcock & Dunn", 1969, Doubledav 54, FOR ALL MANKIND, "Hurt", 1988, Atlantic Monthly Press 15, Ibid. 80, MISSION TO THE MOON, "Kennan & Harvey", 1969, William Morrow & Co. 43, Ibid. xii, FOR ALL MANKIND, "Hurt", 1988, Atlantic Monthly Press NASA MOONED AMERICA! / Rene Star Light - Star Bright / Chap.

Castro had taken Cuba away from a tyrant named Battista. Both the Mafia and the CIA were frothing at the mouth, the Mafia because it had lost a splendid source of casino income, and the CIA because a ragamuffin Cuban Communist and his army had taken power on an island a few miles off our coast. Kennedy had barely settled into the oval office when the Russians followed up with their Sputnik success, and, on April 12, 1961, sent Yuri Gagarin into orbit on Vostok 1 for 108 minutes. If that wasn't enough, that same week the CIA botched the Bay of Pigs landing.

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