By Steve Milroy, Ken Cox, Doug Safford, Laura Barker, Amit Kalani and Wei Meng Lee (Auth.)

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Technical Reviwer

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Technical Editor and sequence Editor

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About the net Site

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Chapter 1 - creation to the instant net and the Microsoft cellular net Toolkit

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Chapter 2 - advent to the Microsoft .NET Framework

, Pages 59-97
Chapter three - studying ASP.NET

, Pages 99-172
Chapter four - utilizing cellular gadget Emulators

, Pages 173-204
Developing cellular purposes utilizing the Microsoft cellular web Toolkit

, Pages 205-230
Chapter 6 - information entry With ADO.NET

, Pages 231-280
Chapter 7 - End-to-End Microsoft cellular Solutions

, Pages 281-334
Chapter eight - making a cellular motion picture price ticket deciding to buy Application

, Pages 335-391

, Pages 393-407

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Value = target theform. DOCTYPE wml PUBLIC '- / / W A P F O R U M / / D T D WML 1. I//EN' 'h t t p ://www. wapforum, o r g / D T D / w m l _ l . 1. NET pages can have only a single server-side form; however, you can have multiple mobile forms in a Mobile Web form. In this section, we discuss having multiple forms in a page and how to link them up. 6. MobilePage" Language="VB" <%@ Register %> TagPref~x= "Mobile" Namespace=" System. Web. MobileControls" Assembly= "System. To link the two forms, use the control.

I i i i i! i i!! ~ 55 :~(~i! NET Mobile Architecture is an extension of the ASENET Web Forms, developing mobile applications is very similar to developing Web applications. In the early part of this chapter, we have seen how ASENET addresses the problem of HTTP statelessness using HTML and Web Server Controls. Using the architecture in ASENET, the Mobile Internet Toolkit allows developers to write mobile applications using the mobile controls, and during runtime it automatically will generate the appropriate codes for the mobile devices.

Net Guide"/> Guide"/> Guide"/> Web Developer's Developer's Developer's Guide"/> Guide"/> Guide to W e b - b a s e d EDI"/> The list contains seven items. 32). To allow for paging, simply insert the Paginate attribute into the control and set it to "true". We illustrate the use of the Calendar control in this section. Date selection is a commonly used feature of mobile applications, and in the past, great efforts have gone into making date selection as easy and error-proof as possible.

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