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Книга Hypertext Preprocessor five OOP Hypertext Preprocessor five OOPКниги English литература Автор: Ilia Alshanetsky Год издания: 2005 Формат: pdf Издат.:Int. personal home page Conf. Страниц: 60 Размер: 0,5 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:PHP has won a following between non-technical internet designers who have to upload interactive features to their websites. delivering a steady studying curve, personal home page is an obtainable but strong language for developing dynamic web content.

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31 __toString() Gotchas Assuming $a = new obj();     echo echo echo echo "str" . $a; "str {$a}" $a{0}; ** (string) $a; In all of these instances __toString() will not be called. 32 Overloading  Both method calls and member accesses can be overloaded via the __call, __get and __set methods.  Provide access mechanism to “virtual” properties and methods. 33 Getter  The getter method, __get() allows read access to virtual object properties. class makePassword { function __get($name) { if ($name == 'md5') return substr(md5(rand()), 0, 8); else if ($name == 'sha1') return substr(sha1(rand()), 0, 8); else exit(“Invalid Property Name”); } } $a = new makePassword(); var_dump($a->md5, $a->sha1); 34 Setter  The setter method, __set() allows write access to virtual object properties.

56 Reflection API  Reflection API provides a mechanism for obtaining detailed information about functions, methods, classes and exceptions.  It also offers ways of retrieving doc comments for functions, classes and methods. 57 Reflection Mechanisms  The API provides a distinct class for study of different entities that can be analyzed.

Any errors, are then sent to the catch {} for processing. > } catch (fetchException $dt) {  PHP Exceptions can be stackable or alternate based on the exception name. 54 Exception Handler  The exception handler function, set_exception_h andler() allows exceptions to be handled without explicitly listing the try {} catch () {} block. fclose($fp)) throw new iliaException; 55 Type Hinting  While PHP is still type insensitive, you can now specify what type of objects your functions and methods require.

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