By Matthew Turland

Regardless of the entire developments in internet APIs and interoperability, it’s inevitable that, at some point soon on your occupation, you'll have to “scrape” content material from an internet site that was once no longer equipped with internet providers in brain. And, regardless of its occasionally less-than-stellar attractiveness, internet scraping is mostly a complete valid activity—for instance, to catch info from an previous model of an internet site for insertion right into a sleek CMS.
This e-book, written by way of scraping specialist Matthew Turland, covers internet scraping thoughts and subject matters that diversity from the straightforward to unique utilizing a number of applied sciences and frameworks:
* realizing HTTP requests
* The personal home page HTTP streams wrapper
* cURL
* pecl_http
* Zend_Http_Client
* construction your individual scraping library
* utilizing Tidy
* studying code with the DOM, SimpleXML and XMLReader extensions
* CSS selector libraries
* PCRE trend matching
* information and Tricks
* Multiprocessing / parallel processing

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The most common implementation of threading consists of multiple threads of execution contained within a single operating system process that share resources such as memory. Because of this, it may Download from Wow! com> DNS Caching 44 ” cURL Extension operate unpredictably in a threaded environment such as Windows Server or *NIX running a threaded Apache MPM such as worker. If you are using the HTTP streams wrapper or either of the PHP-based HTTP client libraries covered in this chapter and you have access to install software on your server, you may want to install a local DNS caching daemon to improve performance.

The client must respond with a specific response value that the server will verify before it allows the client to proceed. To derive that value requires use of the MD5 hash algorithm, which in PHP can be accessed using the md5 or hash functions. Here is the process. • Concatenate the appropriate username, the value of the realm key provided by the server, and the appropriate password together separated by colons and take the MD5 hash of that string. We’ll call this HA1. It shouldn’t change for the rest of the session.

1 of RFC 2068, but explicit use of this header should be avoided. It is mentioned here simply to make you aware that it exists and is related to the matter of persistent connections. Download from Wow! com> • The connection is terminated. 18 ” HTTP Two methods exist to allow clients to query servers in order to determine if resources have been updated since the client last accessed them. Subsections of RFC 2616 section 14 detail related headers. The first method is time-based where the server returns a Last-Modified header (subsection 29) in its response and the client can send that value in an If-Modified-Since header (subsection 25) in a subsequent request for the same resource.

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