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For example, you can use a variable to easily change “brown eyes” to “blue eyes” in a PHP script: $eyecolor=“brown”; As the old song says, “Don’t it make my $eyecolor eyes blue…” 38 WORKING WITH VARIABLES Employ single variables Assign a number to a variable 1. > WORKING WITH VARIABLES 39 2. php in the PHPSCRIPTS folder. php This is the starting PHP tag. Your PHP code starts after this tag. 40 WORKING WITH VARIABLES • $cars_on_lot = 100; $cars_on_lot is the variable. Variables start with a $. The number 100 is assigned to the variable.

Click the 3. You can include HTML tags in PHP code to format text link. The output should look like this: 9. 36 Close Notepad and WS_FTP. LEARNING THE BASICS Working with Variables In this section, you’ll learn how to: • Employ single variables • Print quotation marks • Employ a list of variables WORKING WITH VARIABLES 37 What’s a variable? A variable is a placeholder for information within a PHP script. Data is stored and retrieved using variables. In PHP, a variable is can be a single piece of information, or a list of things store in an array.

Click the Print quotation marks link again. Its output should look like this: Tip: Since the HTML tag requires the use of two double- quotation marks inside the already quoted print statement. jpg”> enclose them in \ characters to let the Web server know that you want to print a double-quote to the screen. Otherwise, the Web server will think you want the double-quotes to start and end a text string in a PHP command. ” Escape characters are used to print characters, such as double-quotes, that the Web server might otherwise think were part of a PHP command or text string.

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