By Richard Folkard

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Dous tree gushed all the waters of the earth, by whose instrumentality Regarding nature was everywhere refreshed and invigorated. these Rabbinic traditions as purely mythical, certain commentators have regarded the Tree of Life as typical only of that life and the continuance of it which our first parents derived from God. Others think that it was called the Tree of Life because it was a memorial, pledge, and seal of the eternal life which, had man continued in obedience, would have been his reward in the Paradise above.

Orii. from the foliage of which drops the life-giving Soma, is sometimes characterised as the Hindu Moon-Tree. Out of this cosmogonic tree the immortals shaped the heaven and the earth. It is the Tree of Intelligence, and grows in the third heaven, over which it spreads its mighty branches beneath it Yama and the At Pitris dwell, and quaiF the immortalising Soma with the gods. tree, ; healing virtue, incorporations of the top, one of which eats Figs, whilst the other simply watches. Other birds press out the Soma juice This ambrosial tree, besides dropping the from its branches.

These two trees the Haoma and the eagle's " would seem originally to have been one. The or " inviolable is ; — lizard sent by Ahriman — to destroy the Haoma is known to the pPan£ Isore, Isegel^/, dn3L Isi^rie/'. Indians as a dragon, the spoiler of harvests, and the ravisher of the Apas, or brides of the gods. Peris who navigate the celestial sea. In intimate connection with the worship of Assur, the supreme deity of the Assyrians, " the God who created himself," was the Sacred Tree, regarded by the Assyrian race as the personification of life and generation.

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