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SAT Math try training via cutting edge ''Private Tutor'' approach. a personalised, speedy, whole, potent and reasonable technique to elevate SAT math rankings that has been demonstrated effectively on all degrees of highschool scholars.

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But this is a wrong answer. Solution: Addition of all the grades in class of 20 students is 20 × 60 = 1200 Addition of all the grades in class of 10 students is 10 × 72 = 720 Sum total of all the grades = 1200 + 720 = 1920 Total number of students = 10 + 20 = 30 The average math grade in the combined class = 1920/30 = 64 So the answer is (B). Practical Strategies | Private Tutor for SAT Math Success 2006 2. (Hard) In the figure, what is the length of the longest line segment you can draw in E or on the rectangular prism?

C 2. 4 - 13 Now you can see that these two triangles have the same height, h, and base length, CD, of ∆ADC is twice as long as the base length, BD, of ∆ABD . So (The area of ∆ABD ) = (The area of ∆ADC )/2 = 18/2 = 9 2. D G x° C What is the value of FG? Example: E 2x° C B 2x° F AFD forms a triangle as shown in the figure. Now it is easy to realize that ∆AFD ∼ ∆EFG AD ---- = FD ---- = 2 EG FG DC + FG 5 + FG FD FG = ---- = ------------ = --------FG = 5 2 2 2 Try the technique demonstrated in this example when you see two or more detached shapes in the figure.

Since -8 < -2, III is not correct. For a > 1 and a < -1, a2 is always more than a. 3. Strategy 2 - Read the Questions Carefully This is one of the reasons why many of the students lose points. You may think that it is easy to read and understand the questions, but it requires concentration to really understand them. To draw your attention, most of the time, the “unusual” words are underlined or capitilized in the question. Examples: 1. (Easy) Jim, Joe and John are 3 brothers. Jim is older than John.

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