By Orson Scott Card

The struggle is over, gained by way of Ender Wiggin and his workforce of incredible child-warriors. The enemy is destroyed, the human race is stored. Ender himself refuses to come to the planet, yet his workforce has long past domestic to their households, scattered around the globe. The conflict tuition isn't any more.But with the exterior possibility long gone, the Earth has turn into a battlefield once again. the kids of the conflict tuition are greater than heros; they're capability guns that could deliver strength to the international locations that keep an eye on them. one after the other, all of Ender's Dragon military are abducted. purely Bean escapes; and he turns for aid to Ender's brother Peter.Peter Wiggin, Ender's older brother, has already been manipulating the politics of Earth from backstage. With Bean's aid, he'll finally rule the area.

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Said Bean. "Well," said Sister Carlotta. " asked Bean. "I have no idea," said Sister Carlotta. " "We have to keep moving. No more than a few weeks in any one place," said Bean. " asked Sister Carlotta. "Yes," said Bean. " "That's why it takes so many clerks to check all the email addresses on the file cards in the central switchboard," said Bean. He grinned at Sister Carlotta. She did not grin back. "You really are a snotty and disrespectful little boy," she said. " "Not at all. " "Your level of banter has become even more crude than it was when you lived on the streets of Rotterdam," she said, coolly analytical.

Bean would never tell that story. " "Then you don't know Bean," said Petra. She hoped the others would realize that admitting they heard it from Crazy Tom would be dangerous to him. Probably fatal, with this oomay in charge of the triggers. Bean wasn't here, so naming him as the source made sense. "Oh, yes, you're quite the team," said Achilles. "Passing signals to each other, sabotaging the plans you submit, thinking we'll be too stupid to notice. " As usual, Petra couldn't shut up. But she didn't really want to, either.

But it didn't mean she didn't care about the kid. It meant that she trusted him so much that she had pinned all her hopes on him. If he died, those hopes died with him. It was not indecent of her to think of that. To say it out loud, that would be indecent. But you can't help the thoughts that come to mind. Maybe Achilles was lying. Or maybe Bean would survive, or get away. And if he died, maybe he'd already decoded the message. Maybe he hadn't. There was nothing Petra could do to change the outcome.

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