By Paul Davies

You'll ask yourself what occurred to the Greek gods after the autumn of Olympus. This secret is printed and others are explored during this novella. delusion, dream, and devotion are woven right into a hooked up circulation of brief narratives — a few tragic, a few poignant, a few touching, and a few doubtful — jointly forming a demise diary, threaded via ten centuries of thoughts. every one new voice that follows provides clues to the wraith's snatch of her trip and its genesis, then animates the journey's possibilities for the long run.

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All right, then," he said. " We went into the bedroom. He helped untie my fittings, and I pulled down my dress, folding it over the chair. I lay on the bed in my underslip. Without a word he tied my eyes around, as I'd asked, and lay beside me, holding me gently in his strong arms. " I asked. "Certainly, my love. " "It was not a poor effort for me, Mr. " "A comedy is what I intended," he said with a soft laugh. "You often asked me my thoughts, or to assure you on this thing or that. " "I knew that, Mr.

Good bunk. What a comfy bunk. Just for a minute. Yes, I'll stay inside, just for a minute. Catch my breath. Slow down. Keep talking. That's what they say. Keep talking. Stay awak Wagons moving out soon. Shut the garrison, he said. That's better. Easy does it. Yes. That's better. Easy. Legs up. That's it. Rest. I'll 47 S O M E S U N N Y D A Y : 1902 just rest here a minute. Then call. Call the medic. My hands, wet. Sticky. Blood. You're soaked in your own blood, son. I know that, sir. Water. Bring this soldier some water.

We pulled the chairs into a circle in the middle of the room. All except Aequitas. He stood. There was a calendar on the wall beside the door. Printed on the bottom I could see it was compliments of Southampton Apiary Farms. Gesturing to it, I asked Athene if this theatre was in Southampton, and she nodded. The Titanic sailed from Southampton. The page facing was for the month of June 1931. The outdated look of everything suddenly snapped into focus. I noticed then that Aequitas and I weren't evident in the mirror — the mirrored wall, that is — at all.

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