By St. Augustine; Baxter, James Houston (trans.)

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It has been often suggested that the most formidable heresies that confronted the Church arose in those pro\-inces where Hellenistic or Roman culture was least assimilated, in Arian Egypt, Monophysite Syria, and Donatist Africa, and here, at least, the union of orthodoxy with the State brought to a head that national feeling which was already partially aroused by the heavy burden of taxation, the compact and depressing system of land-holding, and the undoubted increase of economic difficulties.

Neutest. Kanons, fasc. iv. (Erlangen, 1891) and also twO letters (Epp. clxxxiv. A) published by G. Bessel in 1732 and 1733. Further, Goldbacher found two letters (Epp. A) Avhich he first published in Wieyier Studien, Bd. xvi. In the Revue Benedictine, vol. xiii. (1894) pp. 72-77(1896) pp. 481-486, Dom Germain Morin published the text of an unprinted letter addressed to Valentinus, abbot of Hadrumetum (see No. 50 infra), of which, by the discovery of another manuscript, he was able to give a better text in the same review, vol.

Schanz, Geschichte der romischen Litteratur, iv. 2 (Munich, 1920), pp. 454-457 Otto Bardenhewer, Geschichte der altkirchUchen Literatur^ Bihlioiv. (Freiburg-im-Breisgaii, 1924), pp. 497-500 theque Nationale : Catalogue des ouvrages de s. Augustin conserves au departement des imprimes (Extrait du tome v du Catalogue general) (Paris, 1901) ; Paul Monceaux, Histoire litteraire de VAfrique chretienne, tome vii " Saint Augustin et le Donatisme " (Paris, 1923), pp. 129146 (" Lettres d'Augustin relatives au Donatisme ") and pp.

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