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The topic of this ebook is the synthesis of synchronous undefined. the aim is to supply a company mathematical beginning for the so-called space-time mapping tools for synthesis which have been proposed over the last few years. therefore the remedy is reasonably mathematical. In a space-time mapping technique, an set of rules is defined as a collection of atomic occasions, with attainable information dependencies among them. the duty is to discover a mapping, assigning a space-time coordinate to every occasion, in order that causality isn't really violated and the answer is "good". past paintings within the sector, if it supplied any formalism in any respect, has relied usually on uniform recurrence equations, extensions thereof, or on in basic terms graph-theoretic formulations. during this venture algebra is used as a substitute and the shut reference to single-assignment languages is under pressure. therefore it's attainable to generalize past paintings and to provide basic characterizations of the kind of algorithms that may be applied with space-time mappings. the consequences provided should be utilized to building and compiler suggestions for parallel computers.

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The data dependence relation on expressions considered as computational events is the same as the original one. ~ 6 7~(D, ¢, E), -~+ is finite-downward. Proof. See appendix G. 2 for data dependence relations on sets of expressions. It is important since it implies that the output function of any computational event is computable, provided that the operators in the underlying algebra are computable. Furthermore, we can note that (D, -4") is an elementary event structure for every -~ in T~(D, ¢,E).

Proof. See appendix I. 4: Let A be a set, let -~ be a relation on A and let S be a space-time. For any F: A --+ S, we define the mapped relation "~F on S by fi( (A, -z,), (S, ~F),F) if it exists. 2 -~F, must be unique if it exists. Therefore it is welldefined. A function F: A --* T x R will sometimes be seen as two functions, tF:A --4 T and rF:A --4 R given by F(a) = (tF(a),rF(a)) for all a E A. A convenient way to denote this relationship is F = (tF, rF). We now consider functions from a set of cell actions, with precedence relation -%, to a space-time.

T Pro@ See appendix H. 5: If RA is irreflexive and if f is a bijection A ~ B, then there exists a relation RB on B such that fi((A, RA), (B, RB>,f) and f is a graph isomorphism (A, RA) ~ (B,RB). Lemma Pro@ See appendix H. 2: Let (D, -~) be a computational event structure. Let C be a partition of D. (C, -~c) i s a cell action structure derived from (D, -~), and ~c is the immediate precedence relation on C iff fi((D,-~), (C,-~),Pc), where Pc is the natural mapping D --~ C. The blocks in C are called ceil actions.

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