By Arthur Erdelyi

Desk of necessary Transforms, Vol. 1

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Universally, people want to be surrounded by people they trust; work becomes a second home. Summary The importance of this book is heightened by global economics that are fueling fierce competition, which is forcing people and organizations to embrace the idea of partnership with their customers, employees, and even their vendors. While fear is the primary currency of a boss, trust is the primary currency of a leader. 1 identifies the four competencies that great leaders develop to build Radical Trust.

Before I use that word, I want to be careful to define what effective leaders do to help people be successful. The most productive contributions leaders make to a person’s ability to execute have more to do with helping them find, release, and add skill to talent they already possess. This is a critical aspect of development that some call coaching. The kind of coaching I am referencing requires leaders to build strong, high-trust relationships with their people to be able to exercise a catalytic inf luence.

He looks for a balanced life. “People who can speak as passionately about their personal life as their professional life let me know that they are responsible. ” 3. Strong communication skills—specifically, candor and transparency. “I try to find out if they hold back on what they feel and think. If they are open with me in the interview, then I can count on them to tell me what they think and what is going on. If they are reluctant to be open in the interview, then I don’t want to work with them.

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