By ?amid Riz?a Nawruzi ?alab = Tehran, past & present : a glance a the features of life, art and architecture compiler and executive manager Hamid Reza Norouzi Talab.

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2002 . ~ .... )~ , ~';~ 33 m- 40. A fruit shop in Sarcheshme junction, south of Baharestan square. 2002. J:-" 41. A street vender selling 'Chaghale', unripe almonds freshly in season before the new year in spring. 2001 . I r A· . ,> 42. An Indian herbal medicine shop on Hedayat street. 2002. 4A ~lk 43. A street vendor selling rings at Amin-ol-Soltan square, Molavi street. 2001. ,.. J""';~I . ,.. wl;~ 44. Tehran's Grand Bazaar, 'Paa-chenar'. Entrance via Khayam street. 2001. ~4J,. t~ 45. Interior view of the tomb of congregational Friday-prayers leader of Naser-eddin Shah's period South Molavi street.

The ruins of ancient Rey situated 9 kilometers south ofTehran. Photo from: "IRAN DAS NEUE PERSIEN, BY: AXEL VON GRAEFF, 1937. )l:; ~Jl£. l;W "-! ~L ...... > u-k . :,I ....... [;.. U;; "-! )~ ~~I . ,s ...... )J (5J . t JL.... )J J J~ ...... U:. uw.... J~ ...... Jy.. S....... "':;';'L.... r. 1....... * ~ . J 49 \Ot Tehran was less important than Rey in the middle ages. From the 16th century AD onwards the attention paid to it by various kings, most notably Shah Tahmasb I of the Safavid dynasty and Karim Khan Zand, indicates that it had gained significant political and military importance and had, by then, already eclipsed and replaced the older City.

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