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And then the policeman started counting. We were all face-to-face with the guns as he started counting. But something happened. I don’t know how it happened. He counted one, and by the time he counted two, I started walking toward the police. I don’t know what made me stand up and start walking. I didn’t think about it. It just happened. I just walked towards the police. I spoke to the 27 D. S. MADISON policeman who was in charge of the rest. I don’t really remember what I said. I think I told him the people there could be their brothers, their fathers, their mothers, their sisters.

Wendy So would you say that you are chameleonic? Humor I am colorful but I wouldn’t say I’m flowery. Wendy Nooo, I’m not talking about a camellia. I’m talking about a chameleon and rapid change of personality or appearance. Do your gender, identity, and shape constantly change as they are simultaneously molded and remolded by the [pause for breath] unique historical, local, multicultural discursive environment you inhabit at any one time? Humor I have a feeling you have invited me here to find that out.

59–69). Oxford: Berg. Stoller, Paul, & Olkes, Cheryl. (2005). Thick sauce: Remarks on the social relations of the Songhay. ), The taste culture reader: Experiencing food and drink (pp. 131–142). Oxford: Berg. Tetro, Jason. (2015, May 27). Sniffing the feet for infection: An E-Nose may one day quickly diagnose diabetic foot infections. Popular Science. com/ sniffing-feet-infection 17 Section 1 EMERGING METHODS D. SOYINI MADISON 2. Ethnography Across Storytelling and the Senses This essay will discuss the embodied praxis of ethnography and how the feltsensing experiences of fieldwork research are enacted and translated both within the intimate, ethnographic spaces of those everyday moments in the field that are all at once filled with pleasure, politics, and beauty.

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