By Nathan Bernier

This can be a strictly Gurdjieff orientated ebook, displaying the enneagram because the total common legislations, and explaining the elemental cosmic legislation in a number of ways, from the purer symbolism and conception to the main pragmatic program. "The Enneagram - image of All and every thing" connects, organizes and translates info from 3 resources. the 1st is Gurdjieff's writings themselves: his phrases, the underlying constitution, and mostly the implied experience and allusions that seem to be harmless. the second one comprises major fragments transmit-ted via his fans, and likewise the immense inheritance of previous symbology last from numerous esoteric structures, not just written but in addition integrated in artistic endeavors, tales and traditions. The 3rd and final resource, which labored as amalgam within the synthesis and understand-ing of the 1st , have been a long time of labor, commentary of outer and internal phenomena and procedures, meditation, and revelation. topic: non-fiction, metaphysics, phylosophy, psychology, esoterism, sacred geometry, self-help.

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1 2 3 See p. 118. See p. 69 (Shannon’s information theory). Gamow, Matter, Earth, and Sky, pp. 114-5. 58 NATHAN BERNIER The concept of loss in the ascending stream is essential for understanding that there is a price to be paid for returning. When there is evolution, or the concentration of multiplicity in unity, part of the energy is discarded as refuse1, which can be recycled later. Whether wanting to or not, man must give something to the Earth, as rent for the space he occupies while he lives on it.

Man can live nearly 40 days without solid food, 4 days without water, 4 minutes without air, and only 4 seconds without impressions. ”1 Ordinary man lives his physical life fairly well, with the factory processing the three foods at a normal or regular rate. However, Nutrition is a process of Evolution and, always connected to nature, seeks to refine and transform matter into energy. Inner Work makes it possible to improve this process, avoiding useless loss of energy and accelerating refinement, so that from the energy surplus of the physical body we can create and maintain our higher bodies.

Saint Isaac of Syria, quoted by Mouravieff in Gnôsis, vol. III, p. 100. Read about influences in Gurdjieff, Views, pp. 254-65. THE ENNEAGRAM – SYMBOL OF ALL AND EVERYTHING - PART 0 39 B Influences  interests at another level, aroused by ideas originating in schools. These influences, directed and conscious in their origin, thrown into the general whirlwind of life, pass through many different spirits and reach man through philosophy, science, religion, and art. We must learn to distinguish and choose them among the chaos, for they are always mixed in with A influences, so they can end up losing any similarity with what they were initially.

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