By Deborah Chester

Now again in print: e-book one in every of Lucasfilm's Alien Chronicles trilogy. The ruler of the reptilian Viis has simply bought a brand new puppy for his daughter. yet he's unaware that this furred creature with sharp teeth--enslaved by way of the Viis for plenty of years--is destined to deliver down a corrupt empire.

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It was as though the sky itself celebrated the close of Festival with them. The Kaa saw the rising walls and scaffolding of the restoration project beyond the perimeter of the present palace compound, and his heart swelled more. Life was as it should be. No matter what detractors and political fools might murmur among themselves, his empire remained great. He was great. There was peace and prosperity for the Vüs, and so it would re-main while he held the throne. All was well. Page 57 In Israi's lap, Ampris squirmed briefly in an instinctive search for her mother.

But today was to be her first public appearance. As sri-Kaa, she had to remember what was expected of her and act according to her rank and position. The first, most im-portant lesson a sri-Kaa had to learn was to respect the Kaa. Completely, unhesitantly, and without fail. He stood firm, meeting a gaze which could have melted the foundation stones of the palace, his stern expression never altering. Israi's attendant whispered to her again, and Israi's green eyes lowered. Her rill blushed a dark blue, and with bowed head she walked slowly and respectfully up to him.

They came up short every pay cycle. Most of the time all they could afford to buy was Quixlix, and if Elrabin had to synthesize one more meal out of that stuff he would puke. So he just stood there in the galley, with his heart thump-ing a little and his ears roaring and that strange calmness flowing through him. He picked up his mother's payment card, which had maybe one credit on it. He put on his coat. He Page 60 switched the data screen to vid signal so the lits would have something to do when they came scrounging in for the breakfast they wouldn't get.

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