By Douglas Hill

The Legionaries of Moros were annihilated via an evil strength referred to as the Deathwing. there's one survivor, Keill Randor, who searches the galaxy for the Warlord, writer of the Deathwing. this can be the second one ebook within the "Last Legionary" sequence.

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His own name, in a scream of pure agony and terror, drawn-out, weakening, trailing away. And a scream that was silent. That was heard only in his mind. Glr. 97 11 Keill raced over the rocks like a blind, unstoppable projectile, arrowing in a perfectly straight line towards the steep ridge that hid his ship. He had hardly been aware of Shalet's grunt of surprise as he had suddenly flung himself away, up the slope of the gully at top speed. He" hardly looked at the crumbling, cracked, treacherous surface of the rocks beneath him, letting instinct and reflexes maintain his sure-footed balance.

He snatched the key, freed his legs, then sprang up, grasping Shalet's arm, dragging her roughly to her feet. Then he flung open the cubicle door. The guard was standing in panic-stricken indecision, watching the terrified Clusterfolk pouring past him in a huddled, screaming mass. He began to turn as the cubicle door opened, but Keill effortlessly plucked the laserifle from his hands. "get out while you can, friend," Keill said gently. The guard looked around wildly, then turned and fled into the throng.

The planet was still unharmed. " The laughter was a vicious giggle. "When the Veynaans attacked so suddenly I feared that I had lost you. But I might have known you would find a way out. " Still silent, Keill puzzled over the vague but ominous meaning of Quern's words. But at least the albino, enjoying what seemed to be his victory, was talking freely. i thought you wanted to lose me/ he said, letting his voice seem dull, defeated. " Quern sniggered. IOZ •Excellent No, you are quite important to me.

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