By Marquis de Sade

No different author has so scandalized right society because the Marquis de Sade, yet regardless of the planned destruction of over three-quarters of his paintings, Sade is still a massive determine within the historical past of rules. His impression on many of the maximum minds of the final century—from Baudelaire and Swinburne to Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky and Kafka—is undeniable. This quantity includes Philosophy within the bed room, an enormous novel that provides the clearest summation of his political philosophy; Eugénie de Franval, a novella broadly thought of to be a masterpiece of eighteenth-century French literature; and the one genuine and entire American variation of his most famed paintings, Justine. This literary portrait of Sade is finished by way of one among his earliest philosophical efforts, discussion among a clergyman and a death guy, a variety of his letters, a fifty-page chronology of his existence, very important essays on Sade, and a bibliography of his paintings.

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Among those authors who, as Montaigne once s a i d , castrate you . Surely not among those who titill a te you. And there is anoth er sort of device he spurns. I t i s the one we rrust term the literary devic e . M any a famous work owes it� valu e-and in any case i ts renown -to the incorpo ration of an i n tricate system of lite rary allusions. Volta i r e in lli s tragedies, Delille in his poems evoke in every li n e , and take credit in evoking, Racine or C o rneill e , or Vi rgil, or Homer.

A t the end o f which it isn' t by the dozen ( a s in La Nouvelle Justin e ) the victims are counted, but by the million. Twenty million, according to the author. He i s a respectable author, and reli able h i s­ torians ( such as Gomara and Fray Lui s B e rtram ) are there to confirm h i s allegations to within a round million ; for this we a r e referring to i s no novel but a p i ece o f pure and simple reportage : the Brief Relatio n of the Des truction of the Indies o f Father B a r tolome de Las Casas, whom no one is likely to accuse o f designing to fl a tter our wicked instincts.

They expectcd >omething else from the ferocious Sade. Something else chan this level-headedness, these cantatas, this politeness ( at a time when the enemy besets us from 9 The theories put forward by Zame in A line et J7 alcour seem fairly exactly to rep resent Sade'. own p olitical views. 10 C f. " Jean Paulhan + 29 without while from within the fi fth column saps our finances and seeks to starve us into submission ) . Secretary-and even, a little later, President-of Piques : very nice, but one must still earn one's living.

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