By Valentin Boju, Louis Funar

This quantity deals a set of non-trivial, unconventional difficulties that require deep perception and mind's eye to resolve. They disguise many themes, together with quantity thought, algebra, combinatorics, geometry and research. the issues commence as basic workouts and turn into tougher because the reader progresses throughout the booklet to turn into tough sufficient even for the skilled challenge solver. The introductory difficulties specialise in the elemental tools and instruments whereas the complicated difficulties target to strengthen challenge fixing concepts and instinct in addition to advertise additional learn within the region. options are incorporated for every problem.

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Monthly) Denote by P the set of points of the plane. Let : P × P → P be the following binary operation: A B = C, where C is the unique point in the plane such that ABC is an oriented equilateral triangle whose orientation is counterclockwise. Show that is a nonassociative and noncommutative operation satisfying the following “medial property”: 22 3 Geometry (A B) (C D) = (A C) (B D). 7. Consider two distinct circles C1 and C2 with nonempty intersection and let A be a point of intersection. Let P , R ∈ C1 and Q, S ∈ C2 be such that P Q and RS are the two common tangents.

If p is prime, then by Wilson’s theorem, (p − 2)! ≡ −(p − 1)! ≡ 1 (mod p), which implies that (p − 2)! (p − 2)! − 1 = . , and therefore sin π (p − 2)! p 2 p = sin π [(p − 2)! − 1] = −1. 2 Consequently, the nth term of the sum is zero if at least one among n, n + 2 is composite, and 1 if both n and n + 2 are prime. Finally, one adds 2 units in order to count the pairs (3, 5), (5, 7). 35. 1. Find all solutions of the equation 3x+1 + 100 = 7x−1 . 2 2 2. Find two solutions of the equation 3x + 3x = 2x + 4x , and prove that there are no others.

See also: 44 5 Number Theory Solutions • T. Andreescu and D. , 2006. 14. If N = 2 + 2 28n2 + 1 ∈ Z for a natural number n, then N is a perfect square. 14. If 28n2 + 1 = k, then N = 2 + 2k. If N ∈ Z, then k ∈ 21 Z. But k is the square root of an integer, and whenever such a square root is a rational number, then it is actually an integer. This proves that k ∈ Z. Now, 28n2 = (k − 1)(k + 1), and therefore k is odd, k = 2t + 1. Thus, 7n2 = t (t + 1). We have two cases: 1. If 7 divides t + 1, then, t = 7s − 1 and so (7s − 1)s = n2 , for s ∈ Z.

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