By Henry Eyring and Douglas W. Henderson (Eds.)

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35) is 112 2σΓ = (1 + 2σκ) - 1. 42) The same method can be used for the solution of the case of the arbitrary ionic mixture (Appendix B; Blum, 1975). The interesting fact is that the solution of the MSA for the general case is also expressed in terms of the parameter 2Γ. 44), that Pn is of order It vanishes for the equal size mixture and is small even for appreciable concentrations in the different size ionic mixture. Therefore, it can be Lesser Blum 38 neglected without making a serious error.


81). This is an analytical function, but the integrals needed for the computation of the thermodynamic properties have to be done numerically in a computer. For a recent discussion on the approximations to these integrals see, for example, Larsen (1978). An approximation that goes beyond the MSA is the truncated gamma 2 approximation (TG2A) of Larsen et al (1977). 76). 4) with ζ = Γσ. 6) ßE = ßE and the osmotic coefficient φΤΟ with = φΜ8Α _ ,s 8 ) 7 2 S' = [z(l + z)/128(l + 2z)]{20z - 12z + 3 + [4(4z - 1) - sin(2z) - (8z - l)cos(2z)]exp(-2z)}.

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