By David Scott Redfearn

Biographers have hailed Leo Tolstoy as a literary enormous yet have misunderstood or misrepresented what he considered as his most vital paintings, particularly his try and formulate a constant philosophy which took its proposal from the Sermon at the Mount yet addressed itself to the political and financial difficulties of the day

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The Prose Edda: Norse Mythology

"The Prose Edda", or "Younger Edda", is a vintage choice of Norse myths of the Icelandic humans. commonly regarded as compiled by way of Icelandic pupil and historian Snorri Sturluson round the yr 1220, "The Prose Edda" encompasses a euhemerized Prologue by way of 3 stories: the 'Gylfaginning', the tale of the production and destruction of the realm of the Norse gods; the 'Skáldskaparmál', comprises a discussion among Ægir, a god linked to the ocean, and Bragi, a skaldic god; and the 'Háttatal', a suite of previous Norse poetry together with unique compositions through Snorri Sturluson.

The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature

What's experimental literature? How has experimentation affected the process literary background, and the way is it shaping literary expression at the present time? Literary test has regularly been various and hard, yet by no means extra so than in our age of electronic media and social networking, whilst the very class of the literary is coming lower than severe strain.

Two Sisters: A Novel

Mary Hogan's robust and poignant debut novel approximately sisters--opposites in each way--plus their mom and the secrets and techniques and lies that outline them all.

One relations, sisters, a life of secrets and techniques . . .

The 3rd baby in a relations that sought after basically , Muriel Sullivant has constantly been an intruder. brief, dark-haired and around, she worships her attractive blonde sister, Pia, and envies the shut bond she stocks with their mom, Lidia. becoming up of their shadow, Muriel believes that if she retains all their secrets--and she is familiar with lots, outsiders continually do--they will love her, too.

But that used to be many years in the past. Now an grownup, Muriel has authorised the disappointments in her existence. together with her fourth-floor walk-up residence and entry-level ny urban activity, she by no means will degree as much as Pia and her prosperous husband, their daughter, and their suburban Connecticut dream domestic. Muriel would favor not anything greater than to prevent her judgmental relatives altogether. something she does particularly well.

Until the day Pia indicates as much as stopover at and percentage devastating information that Muriel is aware she can't tell--a mystery that might strength her to return to phrases with the earlier and aid her see her existence and her kinfolk in unforeseen new methods.

The Romantic Paradox: Love, Violence and the Uses of Romance, 1760-1830

Why are there so few "happily ever afters" within the Romantic-period verse romance? Why achieve this many poets make the most of the romance and its components to such devastating influence? Why is gender so frequently the 1st sufferer? The Romantic Paradox investigates the superiority and loss of life within the poetic romances of the Della Cruscans, Coleridge, Keats, Mary Robinson, Felicia Hemans, Letitia Landon, and Byron, and posits that realizing the romance and its violent trends is essential to realizing Romanticism itself.

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There was nothing left for the Boers to do but to take the initiative or submit to occupation. In case it should be imagined that M o o n ' s description of the foundation of Rhodesia as 'the greatest achievement of Cecil Rhodes' is meant to be taken at its face value, a brief account of how it was done is in order. The country to the north of Bechuanaland and the Transvaal was known to be fertile and well-watered, and, though within the tropics, to be high enough for European occupation. It was inhabited by the Matabeles and the Mashonas under King Lo Bengula.

The American researcher to whom reference has already been made, namely Parker Thomas M o o n , Associate Professor of International Relations in the University of Columbia, elaborated on both themes, and confirms Tolstoy's views in every respect. Here he is on the subject of the background to the Boer War: From Rhodesia, the greatest achievement of Cecil Rhodes, we must turn our attention to the Boer communities of Transvaal and Orange River. These, as we have seen, had been recognized as selfgoverning republics, and had been left to pursue their own interests, until with the discovery of gold in the northern republic, Transvaal, about the year 1886, a new factor entered into the situation.

Secondly, there was the murder of thousands of young men sent to kill and be killed in a cause that did not concern them. But war is not the only reason for permanent armies. In 1893, six years before the beginning of these events, Tolstoy had written at length on the use of armed forces, not against those of a foreign country, but domestically, for the same purpose of maintaining 'privileged wealth'. In the late summer of 1892, he had been travelling by rail on a mission of famine relief to the Tula and Ryazan provinces, when he had encountered a special train carrying a punitive expedition to one of the estates where the peasants were starving.

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