By Sokolow D.N.

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No longer could she clutch at straws, hoping they'd mistaken her for someone else. She'd just wrecked that theory by coming straight to the pink-and-white bathroom that matched the fussy tastes of the sybaritic bedroom. She dressed quickly in the chill air, to welling her long hair dry. Page 38 She grabbed a pair of heavy wool socks before she ran back down to the living room and that cozy fire, the only warm room in this vast house, it seemed. It must be the stone walls, she thought. Or perhaps her husband was a miser, or an energy freak.

Her total lack of recognition should have disturbed her. They had told her this was her home--she had no choice but to take their word for it. For the time being all she wanted was to find someplace warm and sit down. Page 34 She found her haven at the end of the hall--a warm, cozy living room with a fire crackling in the field stone fireplace, sending out delicious waves of heat. There was no one in sight, and for the first time she thought to announce her presence. " she called out, softly at first.

Not to mention that convenient amnesia. It wouldn't take much to arrange. " She swallowed. His skin was warm, rough and oddly erotic against her neck. " Page 59 "I imagine I could handle them," he said in a dreamy voice. " She swallowed, and his thumb stroked the front of her throat, gently, with only the faintest hint of pressure. " she countered, fighting the need to bat his hand away. Fighting the need to sway closer to him. " She was too close to him. She looked at him then, directly into his dark, stormy blue eyes, and a little fris son of fear danced down her spine.

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