By D. Goeleven, Dumitru Motreanu, Y. Dumont, M. Rochdi

This booklet encompasses a self-contained conception of inequality difficulties and their functions to unilateral mechanics. primary theoretical effects and comparable tools of research are mentioned on a variety of examples and functions in mechanics. The paintings might be obvious as a ebook of utilized nonlinear research totally dedicated to the learn of inequality difficulties, i.e. variational inequalities and hemivariational inequalities in mathematical versions and their corresponding functions to unilateral mechanics. It incorporates a systematic research of the interaction among theoretical effects and urban difficulties in mechanics. it's the first textbook together with a complete and systematic research of either elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic inequality versions, dynamical unilateral platforms and unilateral eigenvalues difficulties. The ebook is self-contained and it deals, for the 1st time, the prospect to benefit approximately inequality types and to procure the essence of the speculation in a comparatively brief time.

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7 THE KKM PRINCIPLE In this Section we state a fundamental result of Knaster-KuratowskiMazurkiewicz [227] expressing through the statement that a given intersection is nonempty. Let X be a real vector space and A C X a subset. mapping G : A ~ 2x is called a KKM mapping if A set-valued n UG(Xi) conv{xl," . 50) i=l for each finite subset {Xl," . , xn} of A. 19 Let X be a real Banach space, C C X a nonempty convex subset and F : C ~ X a mapping. Let us define G : C ~ 2x by G(X) = {v E C: (F(v),v - x) :s O}, X E C.

9) is valid if F is strictly differentiable. If in addition either 9 is regular at F(u) or F'(u) is surjective, then (goF)O(u;v) =go(F(u);F'(u)v), Vu E U, v E X and 8(g 0 F)(u) = 8g(F(u» 0 F'(u), VuE U. 10) (ii) Let f : U -+ R be a locally Lipschitz function on an open set U of a Banach space X and let h : R -+ R be a locally Lipschitz function. Then one has 8(h 0 f)(u) c co(8h(J(u» . 11) where the notation co stands for weak* -closed convex hull. 11) the equality holds and the symbol co is superfluous.

21 is the analytic form of the famous Ky-Fan principle [129]. 22 Let X be a reflexive Banach space and C a nonempty closed convex and bounded subset of X. c. on C, for each fixed x E C. Then there exists Yo E C such that f(x, Yo) ::; 0, V x E C. ° Proof. 21 with f = g, = and A = o. 21 cannot occur. 8 MINTY'S PRINCIPLE Let X be a real Banach space and C a nonempty closed convex subset of X. : 0, V v E C, 26 VARIATIONAL AND HEMIVARIATIONAL INEQUALITIES is equivalent to the following one (Av, v - u) ~ 0, V v E C.

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