By Michael Romer

«Web improvement with Zend Framework 2» is the 1st and in simple terms ebook concerning the fresh Zend Framework 2 - its written for newcomers in addition to complex clients and it covers the basic thoughts and brings a whole lot functional recommendations on your day-by-day company. «Web improvement with Zend Framework 2» is the interpretation of the bestselling German ebook «Webentwicklung mit Zend Framework 2» with hundreds and hundreds of downloads on Leanpub and Amazon.

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One time Request and back again 55 • “View helpers” (Zend\View\HelperPluginManager): configuration via the view_helpers key or the getViewHelperConfig() method. (defined in the ViewHelperProviderInterface). It can be obtained in the “central ServiceManager” via the ViewHelperManager service designation. Loading the modules After the ModuleManager has been prepared and the required listeners have been registered, the actual loading of the modules is initiated by invocation of the loadModules()method of the ModuleManager.

4 To begin with, we will again pay attention to the namespace. Our IndexController thus belongs to the Helloworld module and is a Controller there. So far, so good. The class inherits from the Framework class Zend\Mvc\Controller\AbstractActionController everything that makes it what is now is: a class that can process a request (“dispatching”) and in the process uses its actions. The term “actions” means public methods that again conform to a certain name convention: a method of the class then becomes an “action” when “action” is appended to the method designation.

Somewhat later in this chapter you will learn more about the details of this mechanism. Making the controller available via a factory callback However, with the IndexControllerFactory we now have an additional class in our source code. For the time being, this is basically not a problem, but it could be a bit too much of a good thing in a case like this, in which it is not much of a challenging task to generate the factory. php. Make the service available via Zend\Di Regardless of which form of Factory is used, in all of them the generation of the respective object occurs programmatically, this means that appropriate PHP code must be written.

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