By Dean B McFarlin;Paul D Sweeney

Management. The observe inspires pictures of dynamic motion, inspiring imaginative and prescient and a hugely encouraged crew. the good leaders of trade are the idols of our time. yet what of the Demon chief, the damaging strength, the bully within the boardroom? we've got heard much approximately optimistic management yet what in regards to the darkish facet -- the narcissistic leader?Despite the common event of staff who've tolerated egotistical bosses, there are few assets to aid humans live on and reach spite of a narcissistic leader.House of Mirrors is an excellent -- and infrequently stressful -- research of the psyche of those leaders and the devastating -- and sometimes hidden -- impact they could have on either person and organizational functionality. according to in-depth study and greater than 500 first hand-interviews, the authors provide us: -- Profiles of a few of the world's top recognized company figures and their damaging habit: Michael Eisner, Al Dunlap, Robert Allen, Gilbert Amelio and others-- Examples of the few narcissistic leaders who have had a favorable effect-- motion steps and proposals for what you are able to do concerning the narcissistic leaders unfavourable, undermining behavior-- Eye-opening tales in regards to the unimaginable behavior of egotistical, self serving bosses

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Lying can be used for a variety of selfish purposes, including destroying challengers, undercutting rivals, manipulating events and exploiting subordinates. In fact, narcissistic leaders can be incredibly brazen about their use of lying. Stephen Berglas has heard plenty of that in his consulting practice. Once, Berglas was hired to help a unit president stop sexually harassing his female subordinates. The chairman of the parent firm had hired Berglas because he believed the president was a brilliant, rising star who needed to be educated about restraining his impulses.

Can I stand it? For ឣ ឣ ឣ ឣ ឣ ឣ ឣ how long? Does the manipulation or exploitation I’m experiencing threaten my career or my reputation? How many other people (peers, superiors) view the narcissist the way I do? To what extent are they aware of his or her behaviour? How much support, either explicit or implicit, might they be willing to offer? Does the corporate culture encourage narcissism? Are there grievance or whistle-blowing procedures in place in case I need them? Is my boss’s behaviour illegal, unethical, or immoral?

He was very image-conscious and charming to customers, but treated employees like they were his servants. I remember one slow evening when the owner saw an employee standing around looking bored. The employee was given a steak knife and told to go out behind the dumpster at the back of the parking lot. He was then forced to use the knife to pull weeds out from between cracks in the concrete for several hours. Once, two other employees and I were told to drive out to the owner’s estate. When we got Responding to manipulation and exploitation ᔡ 41 there we were informed that our job was to remove a dead tree that had become tangled in some power lines.

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