By Davey Shafik

The 3rd version of the preferred "Zend Hypertext Preprocessor five Certification learn Guide", edited and produced by means of php[architect], offers the main entire and thorough coaching device for builders who desire to take the examination. Zend Certification is an industry-recognized benchmark used to validate Hypertext Preprocessor services whereas indicating a developer's dedication to studying the craft and being a certified programmer. This variation provides 3 new chapters and over eighty pages of latest content material, and covers new gains extra in Hypertext Preprocessor 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6, together with namespaces, characteristics, variadics, turbines, closures, and callbacks. The ebook is up to date to supply a dialogue of contemporary top practices whilst facing Hypertext Preprocessor variables and kinds, arrays, strings, databases, object-oriented programming and styles, internet safeguard, XML, internet providers, and extra. Revised via personal home page expert and Zend qualified Hypertext Preprocessor five Engineer Davey Shafik, this version is bound to be either an invaluable examine consultant and a go-to reference for Hypertext Preprocessor programmers in all places.

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If both bits are either set or unset, the resulting bit is unset. A third set of operators is used to shift bits left or right: Shift Operator 22 Description << Bitwise left shift. This operation shifts the left-hand operand’s bits to the left by a number of positions equal to the right operand, inserting unset bits in the shifted positions. >> Bitwise right shift. This operation shifts the left-hand operand’s bits to the right by a number of positions equal to the right operand, inserting unset bits in the shifted positions.

Zend Certification Study Guide 25 Chapter 1 : PHP Basics A different set of operators establishes a relationship of inequality between two operands—that is, whether one of the two is greater than the other: Inequality Operators Description < and <= Evaluates to true if the left operand is less than, or less than or equal to, the right operand. > and >= Evaluates to true if the left operand is greater than, or greater than or equal to, the right operand. Clearly, the concept of relationship changes depending on the types of the values being examined.

This is a great tool for quickly reading this information, especially as browsers ignore the real whitespace shown in the output above. Xdebug even provides configuration settings for the maximum depth, length, and number of children to display, which is useful when your data structures are very large. Zend Certification Study Guide 15 Chapter 1 : PHP Basics Another option for debugging is debug_zval_dump(). This outputs the internal engine representation of a variable. However, this function is rarely used.

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