By Martin R. Prince MD, PhD, Thomas M. Grist M.D., Jörg F. Debatin M.D., MBA (auth.)

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Similarly, no artifact was seen with the Vanguard AAA Stents. It thus seems that the luminal patency of selected commercially available plain and covered stents can indeed be assessed with 3D contrast MRA. 17. Intravascular Stents. Three-dimensional MRA of the abdominal aorta (a) containing a covered abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), bifurcated AAA stent, as weil as a Wallstent in the right iliac leg. The Wallstent had been placed to stablize the right iliac leg for correction of a Vanguard stent deformity.

A sagittal acquisition may make it possible to evaluate the entire thoracic aorta with fewer sections. Obviously, the choice of imaging plane is very much 56 CHAPTER 3 Thoracic Aorta dependent on the aortic anatomy. To ass ure coverage of the desired anatomy without aliasing artifacts, a preliminary 3D data set should be collected prior to the administration of the contrast bolus. These images can later also be used as a baseline for image subtractions. To compensate for slow flow, two 3D contrast MRA data sets can be collected.

LungTumors Although the accuracy of 3D contrast MRA for staging lung tumors remains undetermined, our experience suggests this technique may be useful for staging tumor patients who cannot tolerate iodinated contrast. In arecent preliminary study, lung tumors were identified by the technique with a sensitivity and speeificity of 100% compared to computed tomography. Magnetic resonance angiography demonstrates the relationship of central tumors to the main pulmonary arteries and provides similar or superior information to computed tomography for preoperative surgical planning.

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