By A. N. Paruta, R. Piekos

One among 3 volumes which jointly conceal all said solubility info for an enormous pharmaceutical classification: the sulfonamides. a data of solubility info is valuable in all pharmaceutical examine. released solubility info for the identify compounds were compiled and significantly evaluated, leading to urged solubility values which working towards scientists may possibly use with self belief. each one quantity contains structural formulae and molecular weight information for the compounds lined, comfortably grouped jointly

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C H N 11 11 3°2 (2) MEASUREMENTS: Water; (sulfapyridine); S; H 20 ; Prikt Postovskii, I. Ya. 1944, 17, 427-34. [144-83-2] [7732-18-5] VARIABLES : PREPARED BY: R. Piekos Temperature EXPERIMENTAL Ν. ; Khim. 61 b 1 water a 25 Calculated by compiler Calculated from the heat of dissolution 1 (10,040 cal m o l " ) AUXILIARY METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE : INFORMATION SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS: Sulfapyridine was dissolved in water to Pure, recrystd sulfapyridine was used. form a satd soin which was occasionally mp conformed to that reported in the litera- agitated in a glass vessel immersed in a ture .

176, Arch. 722; Erg. Dermatol. Hyg. 1941, 1938, 24, 398, 13 COMPONENTS : (1) Benzenesulfonamide, 4-amino-N-[4[(methylamino)sulfonyl]phenyl]- (Neouliron) ; C 1 H [547-53-5] 3 1 N 5 30 4S 2; (2) (3) ORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: Krtlger-Thiemer, Arch. Phosphoric acid, disodium salt; N a 2H P 0 4; [7558-94-4] Phosphoric acid, monopotassium salt; ΚΗΟΡΟΛ; (4) Wafer; VARIABLES : E. Dermatol. Syphilis 183, 1942, 90-116. 0; [7732-18-5] PREPARED B Y : R. 5 g ) was dissolved in 10 cm Neo-uliron was the product manufd by "Bayer" of a buffer soin, shaken for 2 h at 20°C The source and purity of the remaining ma- (or left for 48 h at 37°C), and filtered at terials were not specified.

The ab- bubbling a stream of acetone-satd N, filtra- sence of impurities and water in it was con- tion, and distn off the solvent without con- firmed by procedures of the German Pharmaco- tact with air. Two exchangeable dissoln ves- sels of 15 and 8 cm working capacity were peia VI and Spanish Pharmacopeia VIII. The purity of disulfan-HCl was not specified used depending on the soly of solute. The 3 app was immersed in a thermostat. 5 h. the satd ESTIMATED Soly: soins were filtered, weighed, the solvent was distd off, the residues were dried at 105°C, weighed, and examd for the presence of solvated acetone.

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