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Very conscientious and precise; paying great attention to details or trivialities, especially in regard to etiquette. Kira is as punctilious in her personal affairs as she is in the workplace. sagacious (sa˘· ay·shu˘s) adj. having or showing sound judgment; perceptive, wise. My sagacious uncle always gives me good, sound advice. sanguine ( san · win) adj. 1. confidently cheerful, optimistic. 2. of the color of blood; red. People are drawn to her because of her sanguine and pleasant nature. saturnine ( sat·u˘r·n¯n) adj.

41. Which of the following traits is most desirable in a roommate? a. b. c. d. bumptious personable pretentious puerile 42. Which of the following traits is least desirable in a roommate? a. b. c. d. diffident gregarious sanguine surly 43. Which kind of person would most likely make the best waiter? a. b. c. d. someone who is blithe someone who is overweening someone who is perfidious someone who is punctilious 44. Which kind of person would most likely make the best spy? a. b. c. d. someone who is capricious someone who is craven someone who is perfidious someone who is sagacious 45.

C. A perfidious person is treacherous and dishonest. 45. b. A sagacious person shows good judgment and is wise. 46. b. A circumspect person is cautious and watchful. 47. d. A sanguine person is cheerful and optimistic. 48. a. Craven means cowardly. 49. a. Capricious means impulsive and unpredictable; a judge should be consistent in interpreting and applying the law. 50. c. An overweening supervisor would be presumptuously arrogant and overbearing. 51. b. Blithe means light-hearted and carefree. Only a young child in a playground is likely to be blithe.

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