By C.C. Gaither, Alma E Cavazos-Gaither

Statistically conversing provides a huge choice of quotations touching on likelihood and records. a few quotations are profound, others are clever, a few are witty, yet none are frivolous. the following you will discover quotations from the main well-known to the unknown. The booklet is designed to be pleasing and informative for you to get a suppose for the intensity and breadth of statistics.

The large writer and topic indexes give you the correct instruments for finding quotations for useful use or excitement, and you'll quickly take pleasure in gaining knowledge of what others have acknowledged on issues starting from actuaries to variability. also, a few quotations are illustrated through a laugh cartoons.

This booklet could be a convenient reference for the medical reader and the broader public attracted to who has acknowledged what on data. execs, academics, and scholars drawn to records and likelihood also will enjoy the gem stones present in this ebook.

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Statistically Speaking - A Dictionary Of Quotations

Statistically conversing provides an immense selection of quotations concerning chance and records. a few quotations are profound, others are clever, a few are witty, yet none are frivolous. right here you'll find quotations from the main recognized to the unknown. The booklet is designed to be unique and informative so you might get a suppose for the intensity and breadth of information.

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Thriving: gedeihend. trespass: Hausfriedensbruch. warrant: Garantie, gewährleisten, Gewähr, Ermächtigung, Warrant, verbürgen, sicherstellen, bürgen, Optionsschein, Lagerschein, haften. wit: Geist, Verstand, Witz. womb: Gebärmutter, Uterus, Mutterleib. 42 The Winter's Tale PAULINA. ] SCENE III. THE SAME. A ROOM IN THE PALACE. ] LEONTES. Nor night nor day no rest: it is but weakness To bear the matter thus,--mere weakness. --Who's there? FIRST ATTENDANT. My lord? LEONTES. How does the boy? FIRST ATTENDANT.

Account: Konto, Rechnung, Bericht, Beschreibung, erachten, Antrieb, berücksichtigen, Erläuterung, erwägen, Erzählung, Aufklärung. bidding: Gebot, Befehlend, Bieten. burden: Last, Belasten, Bürde, Belastung, Beauftragen, Ladung, Beladen, Gewicht, Aufladen, Auftragen, Fuhre. disloyal: treulos, untreu, verräterisch, tückisch, treubrüchig, heimtückisch, Sitzungsperiode, Sitzungsdauer. trügerisch. speed: Geschwindigkeit, Tempo, Eile, leave: verlassen, verlasse, verläßt, Schnelligkeit, Hast, Drehzahl, verlaß, verlaßt, Urlaub, lassen, Reisegeschwindigkeit, abreisen, Abschied, überlassen, Fahrgeschwindigkeit.

Blue, my lord. MAMILLIUS. Nay, that's a mock: I have seen a lady's nose That has been blue, but not her eyebrows. FIRST LADY. Hark ye: The queen your mother rounds apace. We shall Present our services to a fine new prince One of these days; and then you'd wanton with us, If we would have you. SECOND LADY. She is spread of late Into a goodly bulk: good time encounter her! HERMIONE. What wisdom stirs amongst you? Come, sir, now I am for you again: pray you sit by us, And tell's a tale. German amongst: unter, inmitten, zwischen.

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